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N.A.T.E Certified Technicians! Qualified and Compentent.

We at Legit Heating and Air LLC have N.A.T.E service professions to ensure the highest quality of service for our partners in Abilene and the surrounding areas. N.A.T.E stands for North American Technicians of Excellence which is the nation’s largest nonprofit certification organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) technicians. NATE tests represent real-world working knowledge of HVACR systems and validate the professional competency of service and installation technicians. Home and business owners choose HVACR contractors who employ NATE-certified technicians to get repairs done right – the first time. 

Indoor Air Quality! The quality of air you breath is important.

Abilene we are excited to present to you indoor air quality solutions that will solve allergy problems, prevent sickness, and prolong the life of your air conditioning unit. We have partnered with some of the best indoor air quality manufacturers such as APCO and Dynamic to provide you with the latest innovative ways to keep the air you and your loved ones breath clean. Many of our customers are unaware of the harm developing in thetheir air handler and ducts until we come out and perform our maintenance and biological growth assessment. Once we show them the proof they are horrified and wonder why none of the other A.C companies did not inform them about it nor provide a solution. The solutions  duct cleaning, bio treatment of the unit and a high output germicidal ultra violet light system installed in your air handler.

Maintenance! Invest in your comfort and well being.

Give us a call today because biological growth and a lack of maintenance is not like wine, it does not get better over time it gets worse and leads to  more expensive air conditioning and furnace repairs. Let us help you and provide you with affordable solutions to problems you may not know you have that can save you thousands of dollars in emergency repairs. We offer monthly investment plans just so our customers can afford the solutions they need to keep their families healthy, comfortable and safe in the comfort of their own home. For $12 bucks a month or $144 for the year you will get 2 cleaning tuneups a year, 10% off parts and labor, free service calls for the whole year, a biological growth assessment and peace of mind.

Free Service calls all year, 10% off, 2 tuneups a year $144!

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