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Tune Up Process

Our tune ups and maintenance consist of cleaning the coil (which lowers your energy consumption and prevent the unit from working harder which cause parts to fail), cleaning the unit, changing filters, cleaning the drain line (which prevents water damage to your ceiling and floors causing mold and expensive repairs), removing the leafs from the condenser (which cause rust leading to refrigerant leaks and poor performance), checking amps, volts, relays, capacitors, compressors, motors, air flow, flame rods, igniters, pressure switches, temperatures, refrigerant, air leaks, biological growth assessment and overall performance ensuring that all parts are within manufactures specifications. This prevents small inexpensive parts that need to be replaced from causing big expensive parts to fail prematurely so you will not be left in the cold or heat. All tune ups and maintenance comes with 2 tuneups a year, 10% of parts and labor, free service calls for the whole year (so you do not have to pay for trip charges and diagnosis if something goes wrong during the year), priority service, warranty paper trail to prove you have been taking care of you HVAC equipment so the manufacture will have no reason to deny your claim. Having a tuneup on equipment that cost around $5000 and up just makes sense and is a smart way to protect your investment and your comfort. No one wants to spend that type of money prematurely so they take care of there unit by letting a N.A.T.E certified tech do the P.M on it.

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