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What set Legit Heating and Air apart from the rest is that we focus on the install of your air conditioning unit with expertise in how your air conditioning works in conjunction with your home performance to get the maximum efficiency out of your air conditioning. There are just a hand full of contractors that has been trained in Home Performance Solutions or even have a clue what it really is and how to implement the strategy from it to enhance the performance of HVAC equipment. We at Legit Heating and Air has that special training, experience and knowledge in Home Performance Solutions to make your Furnace, Air Handler and Condenser Too Legit To Quit all season long. Call to experience the Legit difference. 

New Install Overview

This is a rough estimate of what your investment will be.

Install process

Air conditioning Installs can range in time depending on the number of units we are installing, the location of the units and how much is involve to bring them up to code and our standards. A typical install take 4 to 6 hours. The job consist of us unloading all of the equipment and our tools, recovering all the refrigerant from the system or pumping it down to the condenser, cutting the refrigerant lines and drain lines to the air handler and condenser/furnace, removing the many high and low voltage wires, removing the air handler and condenser,loading it in the van, leveling  and installing the support of both units along with the unit itself, clearing the refrigerant lines with nitrogen and R11,cranking up the torches to braze the refrigerant lines to both units with nitrogen flowing through the system to prevent oxidation from developing in the lines,performing a leak test, performing a evacuation of non condensibles and moisture in the lines with specialized equipment,mounting the TXV bulb and valve correctly, install new thermostat, wire the many low and high voltage wires back to both units, install a disconnect box if needed,release the charge, start the unit,balance the charge, document performance in heat and cool mode,check over all work, load up tools,clean up, go over paper work and operation of the system with the customer. We make sure custom is 100% satisfied.